SEPTEMBER 27th -OCTOBER 1st, 2023


a women's self-care + adventure retreat

B R E C K E N R I D G E 

Rachel Vorwerk

Health + Wellness Coach
Holistic Practitioner
Reiki Master

Tacy Nielson

Life Coach
Reiki Master
Yoga Instructor

with your hosts

a 4 night

for adventurous souls

rejuvenating experience

Imagine the warm rays of the morning sun gently peeking through the trees into your room as you blink your eyes open from a restful nights sleep. You make your way into the kitchen and pour yourself a mug of warm tea and head out to the deck to wrap up in a blanket and sit by the fireplace. Breathing in the fresh, crisp mountain air, you settle into the palpable energy the mountains offer, creating a calm and uplifting cocoon around you.
You sit back and lean into knowing that these next few days are for you, and you alone. You know you now have time and space to lovingly care for yourself, to learn new ways to nurture yourself and deeply recommit to putting yourself first- because you are worthy of it.

Welcome to Mountain Glow, a wellness and self-care retreat, tucked in the breathtaking mountains of Colorado. 

We’ve designed this retreat to help you fill your cup. In fact, to overflow it! To help you nourish your mind, body, and soul, to inspire you to prioritize your self-care, all while connecting with yourself and nature. Our peaceful retreat home provides the perfect environment for you to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate.

You'll have the opportunity to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and connect with incredible like-minded women who share your commitment to self-care and continuously bettering themselves.

Each day Tacy will lead you through yoga and meditation, designed to help you relax, rejuvenate, and restore balance.

Rachel and Tacy will be leading you on guided hikes through the stunning autumn scenery- hiking in the breathtaking mountains, where the colors of fall will surround you with their warm and vibrant hues. Hiking is a perfect way to connect with nature, clear your mind, and improve your physical health! There are also trails to hop on directly behind the retreat house to make escaping into the trees incredible accessible. 

In addition to our wellness activities, we offer a couple workshops that will help you deepen your understanding of yourself and your needs, and explore new ways to take care of yourself. Our workshops cover a range of topics, designed to help you develop the tools and skills you need to prioritize your self-care in your daily life.

Our private chef is dedicated to creating delicious and healthy meals, made with fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. We believe that nourishing your body is essential to your well-being and is a beautiful form of self-care. Our chef works with all dietary needs to ensure you are nourished in the best way for your body.

Come experience the beauty and magic of the mountains, deepen your understanding of self-care, and return home feeling refreshed and renewed!

If this brings a sense of peace and joy to your soul, we invite you to join us for five days completely dedicated to you, your self-care and your adventurous spirit.

Maybe you'll find yourself tucked away in a Fireside Suite, finally getting to that book you picked up last year. Maybe you'll be wrapped up in a blanket, steaming cup of coffee in hand, all cozied up by an outdoor fireplace while you share conversation with a new friend. Maybe you'll find yourself getting lost in the night sky, watching for shooting stars as you relax in the hot tub. Maybe you'll be exploring trails behind the estate, basking in the magic of the trees, seeing if you can spot the resident moose!

This is your time. Whatever your body and soul are asking for, you've set aside the time to listen, honor, and nurture it.

Rachel and Tacy are here to create a supportive container for you to reconnect to your divine worth, recommit to caring for yourself deeply, and a safe space to feel, express and unwind.

- Daily Movement + Mindfulness Practices
- Evening Yin/ Restorative Yoga
- Wellness workshops
- Time to relax


- Group Hike
- Great trails to hop on from the backyard
- Free time to explore Breckenridge and other hikes

You will be deeply nourished through beautiful and delicious food each day. Food is such a powerful tool for self-care! Our chef with be preparing daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. All you have to do is show up and enjoy.

self care




Climb the all-timber stairs up to this bunk room! This space includes two sets of Bunk Beds, a Full Bed, its own bathroom and a closet to share. It's connected to the loft, overlooking the downstairs living space.

 Birch Room

This spacious room features a Fireplace, bathroom and closet to share! It hosts one set of Bunk Beds, one Full Bed and a King. This upper wing of the home is connected to the loft, overlooking the downstairs living space.

Aspen Room

Deluxe Fireside Suite

Cozy up in front of your own fireplace in a large King Suite. This room includes a private en-suite bathroom with double sinks, a large walk-in shower, standalone tub and walk-in closet for plenty of space to make yourself feel at home. Double doors open up to the outside lower level shared patio for quick access to the hot tub and outdoor living area with dual fireplaces.

Perfect for sharing with a friend or for your own quiet, secluded nook on the lower level.


Breck Suite

This main floor Queen suite has its own beautiful bathroom and is a quiet place to retreat away for some solitude. Slip out to your own little private side deck to enjoy your morning coffee and take in the smell of the pines!

Perfect for sharing with a friend or for your own private space.


Junior Fireside Suite

Cozy up in front of your own fireplace in a large King Suite. This room includes a private en-suite bathroom with a shower/tub combo and a walk-in closet to comfortably unpack your bags. Located off of the lower level living space with kitchenette.

Perfect for sharing with a friend or for your own quiet, secluded nook on the lower level.


1 LEFT!!




If flying, you will come into Denver. 

For transportation from Denver to Breckenridge, we can assist you in coordinating rental vehicles or a shuttle with others. Breckenridge is a little over a two hour drive west into the mountains.

 We recommend booking a flight that lands by 1 pm on Wednesday. Retreat check-in is between 2pm-5pm.

The cost of air and ground transportation are not included in the cost of the retreat.


"It is no coincidence this retreat was called "Mountain Glow"... I truly got my glow back from the mountains and these ladies. I went into this retreat with an open mind and an open heart yet nervous because I didn't know anyone else and left with new friends and a bond between us all. To witness such soulful healing between us all was truly one of the most magical memories I’ll forever cherish. Rachel and Tacy have a true gift with being intentional with everything from the time we checked in until our departure. The plans, workshops and down to every little detail. I CANNOT recommend a retreat enough! The greatest gift you could give yourself."  - Rachel F

"There honestly aren’t words that could describe the Mountain Glow retreat. Coming together with a group of amazing women, sharing our stories and our struggles, climbing mountains (literally), and focusing on our own self worth was exactly what I needed. Rachel and Tacy created the perfect environment to truly dig deep, look inward, and give space to take what we need for ourselves. It’s been a tumultuous couple of years for myself, and being able to take a breath & focus on what I need instead of what other people needed from me was life changing. Morning walks in the woods behind the gorgeous cabin, late night talks by the fire places outside watching the stars with my new friends, the incredible classes and groups, and the amazing food chef Sonja nourished us with- every single moment of this week was a highlight. I truly needed this retreat, and I can’t thank Rachel and Tacy enough to let me be a part of it. " -Christina S

"I will say that it was a well rounded schedule and very well planned out. The fact that there were no obvious “hiccups” is a true result of the love that went into planning the perfect event! Loved the mocktails and opening circle, the morning meditations, qigong and the various yoga practices, the challenging hike and zip-lining in the mountains, the creative DIY’s and workshops, and the food- oh my!!! The hosts were fun, loving, interesting and made the event so very special!" - Samantha G

"The Mountain Glow retreat was such a refreshing experience. As hosts, Tacy and Rachel really complement each other and it's so valuable to have them share different aspects of wellness with the group. Since they bring such a broad range of self care to the table, it makes more holistic health feel within reach—like we can cherry pick what works for us personally. They also do a great job of making everyone feel welcome and included, with enough activities and free time to make the most out of the escape!"  - Annelise S

"The atmosphere was very welcoming and nourishing, and of course the mountain setting added to the beauty of it all. I really liked the yoga, as well as the hike, appreciated learning about different crystals and making mala bracelets and loved the food! Honestly, my life is SO hectic day to day right now, that just the peaceful, nurturing (mind, body, and soul) way the retreat was organized helped to rebalance me in the other direction. It came at the perfect time."  - Becky

"My intention for the retreat was to have a “pause” in the crazy schedule I hold in my everyday life. It was met 100%. I think that my biggest takeaway was probably self-care. I know I do many things but they are automatic by this point in my life. I have made a conscious effort to notice and appreciate the things I do to care for myself more since returning home from the retreat." - Sam


"Everything sounds really great but I want to make sure this is the right retreat for me!"

No problem! Let's connect and chat. I'm happy to answer your questions and we can see if Mountain Glow is the retreat you've been looking for!

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"This experience couldn't have come into my life at a better time. I was going through a trying time and I'm so grateful that I could slow down and connect with myself & others. It truly made me feel whole again. Rachel & Tacy are such beautiful souls, they were the perfect pair to lead Mountain Glow. From the morning yoga classes, hiking, meditation, group circles and other countless moments, I wouldn't change a thing!"  - Chay H

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