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What It Is

Cupping is an ancient healing art that has been practiced for over 3000 years and is just one of several modalities used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's like a reverse massage- It applies negative pressure rather than tissue compression to provide relief locally and systemically. The tissue is gently lifted into the cup which allows fresh blood to flow to the area and pulls out buried toxins and cellular debris that have been stored deep in muscles and tissues.


• Relieves Tension and Pain
• Releases Toxins
• Increases Lymphatic Drainage
• Reduces Inflammation
• Moves Stagnant Qi (energy)
• Encourages Blood Flow
• Eases Sore and Tight Muscles
• Accelerates Workout Recovery

- frequently asked questions -

Is there anything I shoud do before my session?

I recommend eating a light meal a 1-2 hours before the treatment begins. It’s ideal that the stomach is not too full or completely empty, and fasting during cupping is not advised. In both situations the energy is either ‘stagnant’ or ’empty’, in which case it may contribute to feeling unwell after. Drink ample amounts of water before-hand to ensure the body is well hydrated.

Do I need to do anything special after?

Fluid intake should be increased after a session which will help with the metabolism and the detoxification process. During the cupping session, stored toxins are released into the body so staying well hydrated will help remove the toxins. I also recommend taking some sort of binder. I highly recommend CellCore’s BioToxin Binder or ViRadChem binder. Other examples of binders include spirulina and chlorella. Also up your fiber intake to make sure all of the toxins are pulled and eliminated from the body and not left re-circulating. Coffee, caffeine, smoking and alcohol are not advised afterwards, as they are dehydrating and will overload your body during the detoxification process since it will be already processing the toxins released from the session. Consumption of these may result in experiencing muscle soreness, headaches, light headedness or nausea. Avoid exposing your cup marks to direct sunlight and do not shower for at least an hour afterwards.

Does it leave marks?

Yes. Cupping brings blood to the surface of the skin, which results in marks that look like a round bruise. The tissue itself, however, is not bruised so it does not feel like one. Cup marks vary in color and intensity depending on the condition of the underlying tissue. The marks usually appear the most intense after the first application because of stagnation of blood and Qi; follow-up treatments to the same point will result in much less marking as the circulation improves and the stagnation is removed. 

How often is it recommended to receive a treatment?

After about 10 days or when all marks are gone, it is then safe for another session. Like other therapies, cupping therapy isn’t a ‘magic cure’ for all ailments. Since every body is different, I may make different recommendations for each individual. The full benefits of this therapy are usually achieved after between 5 and 10 visits. Sometimes relief and benefits are noticed immediately when dealing with emotional complaints or long-standing musculoskeletal problems. Ten sessions are considered as one full course of treatment. 

I’m overall healthy- so is cupping for me?

Most definitely. Cupping helps with detoxifying and cleansing the body of accumulated acidic toxic waste that is picked up throughout our daily lives. The build up of toxins in the body promotes various diseases and cancers, but by eliminating these toxins the body has a better chance of fighting against and eliminating infections and harmful cells.

 Unavoidable sources of toxins include the polluted air we breathe, chemicals found in food, water, drinks, household cleaners, skincare products, stored trauma and toxins from mental stress, anger, anxiety and depression. 

The blood stasis (stagnated or congested blood) slows down or blocks supply of blood via blood capillaries which deliver much needed oxygen, nutrients, water, mineral electrolyte, vitamins, enzymes, hormones, immune system cells & antibodies to your cells, tissues and organs. The blockage also prevents the removal of carbon dioxide, metabolic waste products and toxic substance which are excreted via our urine, lungs and skin. As a result your cells, tissues, and organs cannot function at its normal healthy level and become progressively weak, inefficient, and easily overcome by germs and unhealthy cells. This can cause tissues or organs to malfunction and infection to take place. This is when you may experience symptoms of diseases such as aches and pain, numbness, persistent cough, stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea or headaches. If left untreated, further accumulation of toxic waste may lead to serious chronic diseases including hypertension, ulcers, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimers, migraine, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Cupping is a very good preventive measure to help release these toxins to keep your system operating efficiently.

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