LET'S take the guesswork out of your health

Gain deep insights into what's working in your body, what requires more attention and which supplements, protocols or recommendations would be most beneficial for your situation. 

Every body is so bio-individual, that in order to be able to make proper recommendations we need to get a look at what YOUR body is experiencing and what it truly is needing. Even if you may be experiencing similar symptoms as someone else, the root cause could be completely different.
Comprehensive testing allows you to understand your body on a deeper level. Through innovative testing techniques, identify stresses in the body and work towards achieving optimum health and overall wellness.

Testing is useful for individuals
dealing with chronic health concerns like

Digestive issues

Skin complaints
Hormonal imbalances
Adrenal imbalances
Lyme disease

get to the root
of the problem.

get a detailed report on the complete ENERGETIC findings of:

Custom Plan to address imbalances that may include a combination of herbs, homeopathic Remedies, oils and nutritional supplements.

Imbalanced Hormones
Nutritional Imbalances including:
     - Vitamins
     - Minerals
     - Amino Acids
     - Enzymes
     - Essential Fatty Acids


at an energetic level, which nutrients it may be lacking and what toxins are creating issues, the better we are able to apply natural principles and determine which specific remedies and lifestyle changes could be most beneficial. Learning this information helps you answer your own health questions and may provide validation to what you've been feeling. 

The goal is to bring the body back into balance, remove unwanted physical stress and help achieve optimum health.

Cellular Stress in 14 Body Systems
Toxins including:
     - Mold
     - Bacteria
     - Parasites
     - Chemicals
     - Metals
     - Viruses
600 Potential Food & Environmental Sensitivities


With what we learn about how your body is working, we can make adjustments and start to bring everything back into balance. Through this process, we will make a plan by taking into account every piece of information and creating a customized course of action.

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How do I take the test?

The test kit will be mailed directly to you. It requires roughly 30 strands of hair or fingernail clippings. These can be out of your brush or cut. You will also provide a saliva swab. Simply pop into the mail in the provided pre-paid envelope. It's that easy!

How long until I get my results?

Once the lab receives your test kit, it takes about 2 weeks to get the results. Once I am notified the results are in, I will thoroughly review them and put together thorough findings based off of your results and your health history. We will review this during your results call! Results are not a diagnosis but a tool to make connections and take control of your health.

It says that supplements aren't included- why not?

Supplements are not included because they are vastly different and specific for each individual. Depending on your results and what you already have on hand for supplements, the full remedy protocol may not be desired. Some individuals may want to use the scan purely as a bench-marker or for insight on what's going on in their body and re-test in a few months to see if there are any improvements through implementing lifestyle changes without taking a supplemental protocol.

Do I get a copy of my scan results?

Yes! Your results will be posted into your online client portal for you to access and download.

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